Sales Copywriting For Profitable Online Marketing Results.


If you’re running any kind of online business then your ultimate goal is to make sales and enroll people in your vision.

To make that happen you need powerful sales copy that converts site visitors into customers or raving fans, – or ideally,… Both!

Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle all alone with painful and costly trial and error when there are sales copy professionals to ensure that you get optimal results from your sales pages, videos, video sales letters, landing pages and email campaigns.

Here’s a quick, down & dirty little secret that all really Good Copywriters know….

People don’t make buying decisions based on logic and reason – they buy based on Emotional triggers and a Deep inner desire for tension relief and Emotional gratification!

Believe it or not, that applies to all kinds of things where buyers are typically “investors” and have a superficial “list” of objectives that they seek to satisfy, but in the end it’s always an emotionally based trigger that determines the buying action. I’ve experienced this directly myself in the real world of selling advertising, investments and real estate.
The job of every dedicated sales copywriter is to speak into that ever-present dynamic. Always seeking out the “emotional triggers” and “motivating” facts that will move a person to take action by overriding any logical resistance that they have when presented with an appeal made to intellect and reason.

I could elaborate on this topic a lot more but I think that you probably get the picture. You need a very adept and knowledgeable copywriter who understands such things in order to squeeze the most out of your potential customers and clients.

I’ve been in sales and marketing for more than three decades now, both offline and online.
Studying the behaviors and responses of potential customers and clients is something I’ve devoted huge chunks of time to, – and I’ve enjoyed enormous success in applying those skills to generate millions of dollars worth of sales.

Unless you know how to speak into people’s innermost desires, goals, frustrations, pains and dreams, and then convert them into a natural course of remedial action (like buying from you or signing up for your program), then you’ll be constantly having to deal with stifled sales, high website bounce rates, abandoned carts, and unopened emails. All of course contributing to your less-than-stellar sales performance!

Having a highly experienced and capable person on your team is imperative to achieving your goals. In fact, the difference between definitive success and lackluster mediocrity depends upon it! Please don’t make the big mistake of hiring a rank amateur when you really need to get definitive, reliable Profitable Results!